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A game made for a school project in 3 weeks by a group of 3 Belgium students from LUCA School of Arts in Genk

The Arcade is a recreation of a famous scene from the series Stranger Things known as "the trip to arcade" which had unsettling enough of a feeling to inspire this project.

Take it less as a game and more as an experience. This project was meant to be a challenge to our visual skills and we decided to make the best of it. To do that we used Unity High Definition Render Pipeline and its full potential.


WASD to move.

MOVE MOUSE to look around.

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to interact.




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TheArcade Windows 207 MB


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Arcade machines are hard to see these days

Had a ton of fun with this! Really well made and honestly I wish there was more of it

Nice short horror game!! I was curious about the last!


It was really cool to see this! Really clean graphics but I want so much more! I can't wait to see where this will go! Keep up the good work :D ( Starts at 9:26 )

This game was so well detailed and interesting! I just wished it was longer and maybe had more to it! The visuals really left me wanting more!

This was so clean, so nice, and just all around well made! I really enjoyed the visuals and quick scares! Great job! Your game is at 4:55 

This game is so very stunning but left me wanting more.I really hope one day we can see a game similar to this. Very beautiful ! Your game is 1st and starts at 00:22 


c'est trop beaaauuu 

when I start the application it crashes in a few seconds I have tried multiple times none of them have worked so anyone got any ideas on how to fix this if so please tell me.

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Very cool short horror game. I enjoyed the experience but wish there were some hidden endings 


Fun g
Fun game!, that one jumscare got me a little but the visuals are really great!

What have I done?!!

This game`s visuals are great. I really liked the atmosphere of this game, especially the loud sound effect when your climbing the basement stairs scared me. Pretty good game. Good job.

ong fr.

This was a fantastic experience, whether you're a fan of Stranger Things, the 80's, the arcades or all of the above! A truly unique style and feel that had me wanting MORE! Here is my experience, enjoy!

Short but not bad. Made a video on it.

This was such a fun experience! I wished it was a bit longer. This was visually great and the atmosphere was really cool! Great job!

Game starts at 18:20

Amazing game!! 10/10 for everything. The experience was great, short.. but great! I really hope to see more?? 

a very cool experience just very short

So cool and great atmosphere! Wish it was longer!

this is such a cool little game.... way to little tho...  i WISH IT WAS LONGER! 

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I like this, wish it was longer though

Comments below clip;

Wowie, guys! What the fvck did you to to me...? Throw me back in time, jerk me back to today, kick me into the future and all that within the time span of a couple of minutes... Who needs Hollywood when we've got people like you?!

Very well done and kudos to all involve!

Give you a 5 star rating.

I played this game in my video and it was short yet really really good. I mean it.

THIS GAME WAS Literally made for my channel my channel is literally a stranger things theme the intro and outro this game is a 100/10 for me I love it. 

Had a lot of fun with this, loved the atmosphere!

love the game thank you 

hey i am from beringen! i downloaded the game as soon as i saw the description that said that you were from belgium genk i havent played yet but the pictures show very shiny and cool graphic designs even tho i havent played yet im sure its awesome!

Graphics are amazing

:D i dont' see any monster... but oke > thank for this game !

it definitely looks nice.  
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I love it including how I've seen all of the seasons for stranger things this was a amazing game 15/10

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lmao my pc's cooling fan  went crazy when i run this game.


It would be a dream come true to see this game with its fantastic engine and art and create a whole game out of it.


Even though really short it was an enjoyable experience wiwth a good atmosphere!

Hope you got good grades for your project!


This was short but very sweet! An amazing job has been done by the creator to capture the Stranger Things atmosphere. A pleasure to play.


The game was short but I liked the atmosphere design and layout for this game!  You did a really good job recreating the arcade from stranger things and enjoyed exploring! 


this game is great I honestly don't have any complaints besides it being to short but everything about this game is great the visuals the atmosphere it really does a good job capturing the feel of stranger things the arcade noises mixed with the kind of trashy looking arcade (or at least not cleaned that night) is a great mix of nostalgia and creepiness that really sets the mood for some scares overall is just a good little spook to play through if you like stranger things great little game 9/10 because there is some unused assets like the fuse box and some of the doors are unused but other than that its a 10 if you want to check out my full playthrough of this here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate it and consider liking and stuff it helps my channel reach new people and also it makes my brain go happy mode either way its not a big deal and I hope you enjoyed it regardless


Really great stuff, felt like being right in the show. What a gorgeous environment, I honestly can't believe this was done for a uni project since it feels like an intro / demo to a much larger official franchise. Would love to see this taken up to develop a ST game.

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